About Us

We, Fujian Jiest Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd., were founded in 1991. In about thirty years, we concentrate on studying, designing and manufacturing various kinds of industrial valves and related devices. Besides the regular products with different types of stainless steels, we also make valves with the special materials like Titanium, Nickel, Zirconium and also those alloys. Our products are widely used in various industries, and we provide professional advice and better solutions. Products with ANSI, ASTM, CE, ISO, DIM, JIS certificates are available to meet different needs.

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Our achievements

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In July 1996, our new type Non-rising stem gate valve passed the technical appraisal and fills up the technique blank in China.

In March 2000, we owned the first imported desktop spectrum detector in China.

In August 2002, our wide-bore butterfly valve was awarded the 3rd prize of Scientific & Technological progress.

In April 2005, our corporate headquarter was established, and the registered capital was changed.

In March 2006, we set up a branch foundry in Longquan.

In August 2007, we set up a branch production base in Yunhe.

In October 2008, we got the first foreign order, export to Russia.

In May 2009, our Non-pin thread check valve was successfully applied for a patent.

In July 2010, our self-developed hard sealing wide-bore gate valve was successfully passed the professional tests.