BS5163 resilient seat gate valve

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The core parts of elastic seat seal gate valve mainly include valve body, valve cover, valve stem and gate, etc. the gate is made of nodular cast iron covered with non-toxic rubber (directly vulcanized nitrile rubber or ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber). The sealing of the whole valve mainly depends on the contact between the rubber gate and the casting. The rubber produces a small amount of elastic deformation due to stress to achieve a good sealing effect. The sealing is reliable and can achieve zero leakage. The friction coefficient is very small and the wear is small. The valve has small torque when opening and closing, and it is easy to operate, with long service life, no pollution, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance

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Nominal Diameter :DN50-DN300
Nominal Pressure(Pressure Rating):PN10/PN16
Type Of Connection:Flange
Valve Operation:Handwheel、Gear、Pneumatic、Electric
Body: Ductile Iron
Disc: Ductile Iron +EPDM/ NBR
Stem: Stainless Steel
Hand Wheel: Ductile Iron
Apply Medium:Water, Steam, Oil
Maximum service Temperature:≤120℃
Design and Manufacture: BS5163
Face to Face: BS5163
Flange End: EN1092/ ISO7005-2
Inspection: BS5163/ ISO 5208
Inspection and Test Standard:API598

Features of elastic soft seal gate valve: 1. Flat bottom seat: traditional gate valve usually deposits in the groove of valve bottom due to external objects such as stone, wood block, cement, paper scraps, and sundries after pipe washing. The low part of the soft seal gate valve adopts the same flat bottom design as the water pipe, which is not easy to cause the accumulation of debris and make the fluid unobstructed. 2. Integral rubber coating: the valve plate is made of high-quality rubber for internal and external coating. The domestic first-class rubber vulcanization technology enables the vulcanized valve plate to ensure accurate geometric dimensions, and the rubber is firmly connected with the ductile iron gate, which is not easy to fall off and has good elastic memory. 3 corrosion resistance: the valve body is coated with powder epoxy resin, which can prevent the corrosion and rust of the valve body, and can be used in the sewage system. It is not easy to be broken: in the past, the traditional cast iron gate valve was often hit, collided or overlapped, resulting in fracture and other phenomena. Because of the use of ductile iron, this situation can be greatly reduced. 5 three “O” ring sealing ring: because the valve stem adopts three “0″ ring sealing ring design, it can reduce the friction resistance when switching, greatly reduce the leakage phenomenon, and can replace the sealing ring without stopping water construction


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