Butterfly Valve

  • Sanitary center lined type rubber butterfly valve

    Sanitary center lined type rubber butterfly valve

    Sanitary butterfly valve is a kind of product in sanitary valve. Sanitary butterfly valve adopts standard electronic polishing, with smooth surface to ensure cleanness, no medium accumulation area and no potential pollution. Quick disassembly and assembly of sanitary butterfly valve makes valve opening and maintenance fast and easy, and reduces process downtime. Sanitary butterfly valve is mainly used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clean steam, alcohol, beverage, biochemical industrial machinery, with compact structure, easy assembly and disassembly and many other excellent features.

  • Double-eccentric butterfly valve

    Double-eccentric butterfly valve

    Double eccentric butterfly valve is also called high performance butterfly valve, which is mainly used for water plant, power plant, steel plant smelting, chemical industry, water source spring engineering, environmental facilities construction and other system drainage, especially suitable for waterway pipeline, as regulating and intercepting equipment. Compared with the center line butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve is more resistant to high pressure, longer service life and good stability

  • Three-eccentric butterfly valve

    Three-eccentric butterfly valve

    This series of butterfly valves are a new generation of high-performance products developed by engineers of our company. Its performance has been at the advanced level at home and abroad. It is widely used for cutting off or regulating medium flow on industrial pipelines such as low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure, steel, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, electric power, etc

  • Anti-Dew Butterfly valve

    Anti-Dew Butterfly valve

    The unique design of anti dew butterfly valve enables the valve plate to gradually contact the valve seat during the closing process, which can ensure good sealing performance and reduce unnecessary torque. In addition, the stainless steel butterfly plate and internal parts can prolong the service life of the valve seat and have strong anti rust and corrosion resistance functions. The reduction of torque realizes the lightweight and miniaturization of the driving device. Unique stem seal ring prevents fluid leakage

  • Center lined lug type butterfly Valve

    Center lined lug type butterfly Valve

    1. It is convenient and quick to open and close, save labor, small fluid resistance, and can be operated frequently.
    2. Simple structure, small volume and light weight.
    3. Store the least liquid at the pipe mouth.
    4. Good sealing can be achieved under low pressure.
    5. Good regulation performance

  • Bi-axial center lined type rubber butterfly valve

    Bi-axial center lined type rubber butterfly valve

    1. The fit between butterfly plate and valve rod is designed as double shaft internal installation type without locating pin structure;
    2. Because the butterfly plate is designed as a pinless double shaft structure, the influence of the long axis of the traditional butterfly valve passing through the butterfly plate on the space occupied by the flow channel is reduced;

  • Center lined type rubber lining butterfly valve

    Center lined type rubber lining butterfly valve

    Features of rubber lined butterfly valve:
    1. The design is novel, reasonable, unique in structure, light in weight and quick in opening and closing.
    2. Small operating torque, convenient operation, labor saving and dexterous.
    3. It can be installed in any position and easy to maintain.
    4. The sealing element can be replaced, the sealing performance is reliable, and the two-way sealing is zero leakage.
    5. The sealing material has the characteristics of aging resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. Standards adopted
    6. The rubber lined butterfly valve is designed and manufactured by adopting a new structural form of welding the central line type disc plate and short structure steel plate. It is compact in structure, light in weight, easy to install, small in flow resistance, large in flow capacity, easy to operate / 7, without connecting rod, bolt, etc., which is reliable and has long service life. It can be installed in multi station, not affected by the flow direction of medium.
    Working principle: the ventilation butterfly valve is driven by the motor to drive the actuator, so that the disc plate can rotate freely within 90 ° to achieve the purpose of opening and closing or regulating the medium flow.

  • Worm gear PTFE butterfly valve

    Worm gear PTFE butterfly valve

    1. The butterfly plate of fluorine lined butterfly valve is installed in the diameter direction of the pipeline. In the cylindrical channel of butterfly valve body, the disc-shaped butterfly plate rotates around the axis, and the rotation angle is between 0 ° and 90 ° and when the rotation reaches 90 ° the valve plate is fully open.
    2. Due to the limitation of structure characteristics, fluorine lined butterfly valve is not suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other industries.
    3. Fluorine lined butterfly valve, as a component used to realize the on-off and flow control of pipeline system, has been used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, hydropower, etc

  • Food-grade butterfly valve

    Food-grade butterfly valve

    1. The rubber seal ring and valve plate of butterfly valve adopt high quality parts to ensure the performance and service life of butterfly valve.
    2. High precision CNC lathe is used to finish turning the valve body, which ensures the reliable interchangeability of butterfly valve and avoids the trouble of not ensuring its performance due to rubber replacement.
    3. The valve stem is inlaid with nylon shaft sleeve, which reduces the friction force, so it can be opened flexibly and easily.
    4. The steel parts are made of stainless steel, and the rubber is made of food rubber, which has high sanitary quality.
    5. The diameter of the valve body is equal to that of the pipe. When opened, the narrow and streamlined valve plate is consistent with the flow direction, with large flow rate and small resistance, and no material accumulation.

  • Pneumatic high performance double eccentric butterfly valve

    Pneumatic high performance double eccentric butterfly valve

    Mainly used in preheating system and dry dedusting system of ironmaking blast furnace with larger nominal diameter, lower working pressure, lower opening and closing pressure difference and higher temperature (200-350 ℃), as combustion supporting air cut-off valve, combustion supporting gas cut-off valve, gas inlet and outlet shut-off valve of heat exchanger system, flue gas inlet and outlet shut-off valve of heat exchanger system and gas shut-off valve of dry dedusting system. Double eccentric butterfly valve is a common butterfly valve to adapt to different working conditions (working temperature, working pressure) and gradually improved.

  • Wafer center lined-type butterfly valve

    Wafer center lined-type butterfly valve

    Center-lined butterfly valves are widely used in many fields, such as petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, hydropower and so on. In the well-known butterfly valve technology, its sealing form mostly adopts the sealing structure, and the sealing materials are rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc