Forged steel 3-PCS peumatic ball valve

Short Description:

1. Resistance to sulfide stress cracking: the contact medium materials of forged steel ball valve are selected according to the standard of nace01-75 of American Society of corrosion engineers, and nickel plating is carried out according to the standard, which can meet the requirements of sulfide environment.

2. Forged steel ball valve uses polymer or metal as sealing material, which has excellent sealing performance at high temperature and high pressure.

3. It can prevent the valve rod from rising out of the packing box due to the inverted structure of the packing box.

4. Forged steel ball valve is widely used in chemical, oil refining, oil and gas, natural gas, steel and other media pipeline. The advantages of forged steel ball valve: the resistance of flow is small, and the actual value is 0. Secondly, the sealing performance of forged steel ball valve is reliable. The seats of most forged steel ball valves are made of polytetrafluoroethylene elastomer, which can realize complete sealing in a large range of pressure and temperature, and the working medium is sealed reliably on the double spherical surface. Good corrosion resistance and long service life.

  • Description: Forged Steel 3-PCS Pneumatic ball valve
  • Nominal Diameter: DN15-DN1000
  • Pressure Rating: 1-10Mpa, 150-600LB
  • Connection type: Flange
  • Operation: Handle, Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric
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    Product Specifications:

    DN: DN15-DN1000

    PN: PN1.0MPa/PN1.6MPa/2.5MPa/4.0MPa/6.4MPa/10MPa/150LB/300lb/600lb

    Connection type: Flange

    Operation: Handle, Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric

    Body Material: A105/25/F304/F316/F316L

    Ball Material: A105/25/F304/F316/F316L

    Working Medium: Water, gas, oil, acid and base

    Working Temperature: -29℃≤T≤200℃

    Standard: GB/T12237 GB/T19627 API6D

    Face to face: GB/T12221 ASME B16.10 API6D

    Flange End: GB/T9113 ASME B16.5 ASME B16.47

    Testing and inspection: GB/T13927 API598


    Product Features:

    1. Forged steel ball valve is mainly used to cut off or put through the media, By turning the stem, the ball valve drives the ball to do 90 degrees rotation movement to open or close, so it can cut off or go through the fluid, also it can be used for fluid regulation and control.

    2. Quick open and close, automation can be easily achieved.

    3.  Low fluid resistance as it’s full bore valve.

    4.  Ball valves have good sealing performance and high reliability.

    5.  Ball valves have long service life, the switch frequency is up to 10,00000 times.

    6.  Compact structure, Light-weight, It’s the most suitable valve structure for the low temperature media system.

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