JIS flange ball valve

Short Description:

1. The flow resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to that of the same length of pipe.
2. It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight.
3. At present, the sealing surface material of ball valve is widely used in plastic with good sealing performance, and it has been widely used in vacuum system.
4. It is easy to operate and quick to open and close. Only 90 ° rotation is needed from full opening to full closing, which is convenient for remote control.
5. Maintenance is convenient, ball valve structure is simple, seal ring is generally movable, disassembly and replacement are more convenient.

  • Description: JIS Flange Ball Valve
  • Nominal Diameter: 15A"-200A"
  • Pressure Rating: 10K/20K, can be customized
  • Connection type: Flange, B.W.
  • Operation: Handle,Worm gear, Pneumatic, Electric
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    Product Specifications:

    Nominal Diameter :15A”-200A”
    Pressure Rating:10K/20K, can be customized
    Type Of Connection:Flange,B.W.
    Valve Operation:Handle、Gear、Pneumatic、Electric
    Body: Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron/ Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel
    Bonnet: Cast Iron/ Ductile Iron/ Carbon Steel/ Stainless Steel
    Ball: Stainless Steel
    Seat: PTFE
    Stem: Stainless Steel
    Application Medium:Water, Gas, Oil, Acid-Base
    Maximum service Temperature:-29℃≤T≤250℃
    Inspection and Test Standard:API598

    Product Features:

    1. Quick open and close, automation can be easily achieved.
    2. Low fluid resistance as it’s full bore valve.
    3. Ball valves have good sealing performance and high reliability.
    4. Ball valves have long service life, the switch frequency is up to 10,00000 times.
    5. Compact structure, Light-weight, It’s the most suitable valve structure for the low temperature media system.

    Ball valve is a kind of valve which is driven by the valve stem and rotates around the axis of the ball valve. It can also be used for fluid regulation and control. Among them, the hard sealing V-type ball valve has strong shear force between the V-shaped ball core and the metal valve seat of hardfacing cemented carbide, which is especially suitable for the medium containing fiber and small solid particles. The multi-way ball valve can not only flexibly control the confluence, shunt and flow direction switching of medium, but also close any channel to connect the other two channels. This kind of valve should be installed horizontally in the pipeline. According to the driving mode, the ball valve is divided into pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve and manual ball valve.



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