Needle globe valve

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Needle valve is a kind of fine-tuning valve, its plug is needle shaped, mainly used to adjust the throttle flow. The fine tuning valve requires that the opening of the valve port gradually increases, and the maximum continuous fine adjustment can be made from closing to opening. This function can be realized by needle plug. Needle plug is usually made of quenched steel needle, while the valve seat is made of soft materials such as tin and copper. The sealing between the valve needle and the valve seat is achieved by the close fit of its conical surface.

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DN: DN6-DN25
PN: PN1.6MPa/PN2.5MPa/PN4.0MPa/PN6.3MPa/PN10MPa/PN16MPa/PN32MPa
Connection: Butt welding, Socket welding
Operation: Hand wheel
Body: F304、A105
Medium: Water, steam, oil etc.
Temperature: ≤550℃
Standard: GB/T12224-1989 JB/T7747-1995, API
Testing and inspection: GB/T13927, API

Needle type globe valve features simple structure, easy maintenance, low manufacturing cost, etc., but the regulating accuracy of throttle valve is not high, so it is difficult to use as a regulating valve. At the same time, due to the high medium flow rate between the valve disc and the valve seat, cavitation phenomenon is easy to occur, so the parts need to use anti cavitation materials, and are not suitable for cutting off the medium.

Needle type globe valve is generally suitable for situations with little load change or low requirement for speed stability, such as in chemical instruments. This is because the needle type globe valve has no function of compensating the unstable flow rate caused by load change. The operating environment of needle type globe valve should be noted that the flow regulation range is large, the change of flow pressure difference is small, the internal leakage is small and the regulating torque is small.


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