• New Product Of Jiest — New Technology Pipeline Glass

    New technology pipeline glass is a unique patented product with independent intellectual property rights developed by Jiest technical team. Product features: Simple structure, convenient installation, large visual area, safe and reliable, durable. Product application: New technology pipeline glas...
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  • New Product Of Jiest – Self Cleaning Filter

    The new technology self-contained cleaning spoils filter is a patented product independently developed by Jester’s technical team. The purpose of research and development is to completely replace the existing media filtration devices at home and abroad, which have large flow resistance and ...
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  • New Product of Jiest Valve – Flanged High End Ball Valve

    In order to meet the different needs of customers, the ball valve is designed with two series of full diameter and reduced diameter, and the connection size is A and B. the difference between A series and B series is that the connection length size is different. L of A series is the international...
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  • The Alarm Rings! In 2020, There Were 127 Accidents And 157 Deaths In The Chemical Industry In China!

    According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, by the beginning of December 2020, there were 127 chemical accidents and 157 deaths in China. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergency Management announced a number of typical cases of chemical and hazardous chemical production safety accidents since...
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  • The 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology & Equipment Fair

    The 12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology & Equipment Fair

    The annual international chemical equipment exhibition“12th Shanghai International Chemical Technology and Equipment Fair”will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center on August 26-28th, 2020. We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to vi...
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  • Description of Valve Standard

    Universal valve standard: ASME B16.34 Flange End, Butt-weld End and Threaded End valves Valves Connection Standard API 605 Compact Flange ASME B16.25     Butt-weld End ASME B16.11     Socket and threaded end forged fittings ASME B36.10     Welding and Seamless steel tube ASME B16.10     Face...
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    Ball Valves, are a type of quarter turn isolation valve. The most common design that is utilized features a ball that rotates between two circular seats which are usually made of some type of PTFE , co-polymer, or other resilient plastic material.  When this type of ball...
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