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  • The Alarm Rings! In 2020, There Were 127 Accidents And 157 Deaths In The Chemical Industry In China!

    According to the Ministry of Emergency Management, by the beginning of December 2020, there were 127 chemical accidents and 157 deaths in China. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Emergency Management announced a number of typical cases of chemical and hazardous chemical production safety accidents since...
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  • Description of Valve Standard

    Universal valve standard: ASME B16.34 Flange End, Butt-weld End and Threaded End valves Valves Connection Standard API 605 Compact Flange ASME B16.25     Butt-weld End ASME B16.11     Socket and threaded end forged fittings ASME B36.10     Welding and Seamless steel tube ASME B16.10     Face...
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