One-piece floating ball valve

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It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight.
The flow resistance is small, and its resistance coefficient is equal to that of the same length of pipe.
At present, the sealing surface material of ball valve is widely used in plastic with good sealing performance, and it has been widely used in vacuum system.
One piece ball valve is easy to operate and can be opened and closed quickly. From full opening to full closing, it only needs to rotate 90 ° to facilitate remote control.
Maintenance is convenient, ball valve structure is simple, seal ring is generally movable, disassembly and replacement are more convenient.

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Body: CF8、CF8M、CF3M、C-2、C4、904L、TA2、CD4MCu、WCB、A105
Norminal diameter: DN6-DN50 1/4’’-2’’
Norminal pressure: PN1.0MPa/PN1.6MPa/PN2.5MPa 150LB
Connection type: Female thread(“G”,”NPT”,”Rp”)
Operation: Hand wheel, pneumatic, electric
Working medium: Water, gas, oil, liquid acid, alkali etc.
Working temperature: -29℃≤T≤200℃
Standard: GB/T12237-2007 ASME B16.34
Thread: GB/T7306 ASME B1.20.1
Testing and inspection: GB/T13927 API598

The ball of ball valve is floating. Under the action of medium pressure, the ball can produce a certain displacement and press tightly on the sealing surface of the outlet end to ensure the sealing of the outlet end.

The floating ball valve has a simple structure and good sealing performance, but the load of the working medium borne by the ball is transferred to the outlet sealing ring. Therefore, it is necessary to consider whether the sealing ring material can withstand the working load of the ball medium. When the ball is impacted by high pressure, the ball may shift. This structure is generally used for medium and low pressure ball valves.

The main characteristics of ball valve are its compact structure, reliable sealing, simple structure, convenient maintenance, sealing surface and spherical surface are often in closed state, not easy to be eroded by medium, easy to operate and maintain, suitable for water, solvent, acid, natural gas and other general working media, but also suitable for the working conditions of the media, such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene, in various industries It has been widely used. The valve body can be integral or combined

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