Wafer butterfly type check valve

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The wafer butterfly tpye check valve is small in volume and light in weight, and can be used as a device to cut off and adjust the flow in various medium pipelines. By selecting different materials for valve plate and seal seat, as well as through plate and shaft without pin connection, it can be used in more demanding working conditions, such as desulfurization, vacuum and desalination systems.

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Nominal Diameter :DN50-DN800
Nominal Pressure(Pressure Rating):PN10/PN16 Class125/150
Shell Pressure: PN15/PN24 300PSI
Type Of Connection:Wafer
Body: Cast iron or Ductile iron
Disc: Ductile iron with zinc plated or AL-bronze/stainless steel
Stem: Stainless Steel
Spring:Stainless steel
Rubber gasket:NBR/EPDM
Apply Medium:Water, Gas, Oil
Face to Face is according to ISO Standard
Inspection and Test Standard:API598



Butterfly check valve is to rely on the flow of media itself and automatically open and close the valve disc, used to prevent the reverse flow of medium, also known as check valve, one-way valve, reverse flow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve is a kind of automatic valve. Its main function is to prevent the reverse flow of medium, reverse rotation of pump and drive motor, and discharge of container medium. The check valve can also be used to supply the auxiliary system in which the pressure may rise above the system pressure. Check valve can be divided into swing check valve (rotating according to the center of gravity), lifting check valve (moving along the axis), butterfly check valve (rotating along the center)

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